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2016 Webinars: 

February Friday: Mechanical Design Automation

30 Minute Webinar
Do you remember seeing some of the powerful technology that SOLIDWORKS was bringing to the table back in 1998? Are you using it today? Watch to see the live SOLIDWORKS demonstration with Bill Gates at the Workstation Leadership Forum '98. Over the years, SOLIDWORKS continues to lead in its integration with Windows. This webinar showcases the enhanced feature rich technology and how it's even easier to use with SOLIDWORKS 2016.

February Friday: Structural Members

30 Minute Webinar
This webinar will cover more great information that you can use to design more efficiently with structural members in SOLIDWORKS. We will discuss the ins and outs of getting started with SOLIDWORKS Weldment features, as well as some quick tips to handle challenging structural member designs.

February Friday: Heating the Cold

30 Minute Webinar2
The applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics is wide and deep. In many cases, creating a study to solve such complex phenomena is difficult and time consuming, but not with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. We'll take a look at how we can use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to create, solve and review heat transfer problems with ease. Think of defrosting your rear windows of your car and why snow melts when it's near power extension cables...not only heat transfer, but resistive heating. Join us to see how it's done.

February Friday: Event Based Motion

30 Minute Webinar
This webinar will focus on the use of event based motion analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional. Learn more about analyzing mechanisms while you are still in the early stages of design. Virtual prototyping can save time and money vs. traditional methods.

May Day: SOLIDWORKS Electrical

30 Minute Webinar
Electromechanical systems require collaboration between different engineering disciplines. Find out how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can improve communication and streamline the collaborative processes for Electrical and Mechanical design.

May Day: Installing SOLIDWORKS PDM

30 Minute Webinar
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional can help you manage your data efficiently, and will make collaborative design easy in SOLIDWORKS. Join us for a look at what it takes to install SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and review what powerful resources are available to you.

May Day: SOLIDWORKS PDM & Electrical

30 Minute Webinar
Data security and revision control is critical in a collaborative environment. Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical in conjunction with SOLIDWORKS PDM allows for integration of all your design team members. You can work together on complex designs with confidence in secure data and file history of any aspect of your project.

Automation August: Documentation Strategies

30 Minute Webinar
Old exploded views and parts lists haven't been updated for many years. Engineering doesn't have the time, but their input must be taken into account. See how we automate the creation and review of new and modern technical documents. CAD files hold valuable meta data (custom properties) that are reused throughout the business. Modify these property values without the use of CAD. Update technical illustrations and parts lists with a few clicks of a button. View, review and participate in approvals from anywhere. Publish final documentation to a secure portal that vendors and customers can access to ensure they're using the correct data.

Automation August: Inspection Documentation

30 Minute Webinar
See how you can digitize your entire inspection process. From ballooning drawings, comparing revisions, generating and filling out bills of characteristics, there's much to be gained. Though automation can have a quick return on investment, are you still meeting your standards. While, industry standard out-of-the-box reports may be used, it's very common you'll want to customize your report contents and structure. See how we automate template customization to make it easy to make inspection documentation a breeze.

Automation August: Design Automation & Engineering to Order

30 Minute Webinar
Time is often wasted designing products that are similar but different. Witness the tools SOLIDWORKS delivers to speed the development of design variants and automate repetitive tasks. Systematize your engineered to order processes with regulated entry forms, allowing for quick and easy creation and configuration of custom products inside SOLIDWORKS. Extend the benefits of design automation to your engineers, sales teams and other non-technical users inside your company or globally through your website as an online configurator so that distributors, dealers, and customers can configure and order custom products anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Automation August: Model Based Success

30 Minute Webinar
Whether you're creating 2D or 3D manufacturing documentation, you have tools in SOLIDWORKS that you may not be using. Validate your 3D model from a manufacturing perspective as being "fully defined." Import model dimensions in your 2D drawings to make documentation creation and updates faster. Automate Tolerance Stack Up Analysis with a tool now available in SOLIDWORKS Professional as of version 2016. Organize and publish 3D documentation with industry standard tools.


2017 Webinars: 


Jumpstart January: Getting to Know Your SOLIDWORKS Tools

30 Minute Webinar
Learn how you can design, analyze, and improve your product design while working in SOLIDWORKS. This webinar will cover productivity tips for any SOLIDWORKS user, as well as additional functionalities from SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium. See how you can get the most out of your daily activities in SOLIDWORKS.

Jumpstart January: SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Electrical Design 0-60

30 Minute Webinar
In this Webinar we will cover how to get the most out of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics out of the box. We will go through an entire project from start to finish. Hold on tight!

Jumpstart January: Exchanging Data the Smart and Easy Way

30 Minute Webinar
Discover groundbreaking new capabilities for working with neutral and native CAD data from various sources. Maintain seamless integration with third party native CAD formats and eliminate the hassle associated with design changes to these files. See how 3D Interconnect in SOLIDWORKS 2017 provides new workflow and collaboration capabilities with your customers and vendors.

Jumpstart January: Electrical Collaboration the Way it Should Be

30 Minute Webinar
We will be covering how you can leverage existing SOLIDWORKS designs and SOLIDWORKS PCB. With SOLIDWORKS PCB we have a truly bidirectional link with ECAD.

Accelerated April: Enhanced Product Communication & Marketing Deliverables

30 Minute Webinar
There is a lot of time and money that goes into the development of your products, don’t fall short in giving your customers the quality they deserve by providing valuable documentation to ensure the best experience possible. Discover the various outputs SOLIDWORKS Composer has to offer to help create stunning marketing material and effective communication deliverables, effortlessly and in less time.

Accelerated April: Professional Simulation for Optimizing Your Designs

30 Minute Webinar
Find out how the host of tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional can help you to improve your designs. You may need to find multiple failure modes such as yield, fatigue, resonance, buckling, etc. Simulation Professional helps you to analyze multiple scenarios and find the most suitable design for your application.

Accelerated April: SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - Solving Everyday Design Challenges

30 Minute Webinar
Learn about the valuable possibilities of using Computational Fluid Dynamics for problem-solving in your designs. Keeping your design goals and variables in mind, it is easy to use Flow Simulation to help you answer critical questions about your design.

Accelerated April: What You're Missing in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

30 Minute Webinar
You've seen the power that SOLIDWORKS Visualize brings to selling and marketing your product and designs. You may be using Visualize Standard, but why are you going to upgrade to Visualize Professional? Get a glimpse:

  • Use enhanced features for rendering
  • Deliver higher quality output with turntable rendering, movies, virtual reality and Panoramic experiences
  • Import and create animations
  • Prepare your scenes with expanded tool sets

All the while, if a change is made to the CAD file, easily update your renderings with the geometry changes and minimize any rework.

Automation August: Engineering Your Marketing

30 Minute Webinar
Marketing is key to making sure your company succeeds. It can often be difficult to get all the different pieces from engineering to build content. Engineers don’t have the time to constantly pause and work on marketing material. In this webinar, discover how engineering and marketing can work together to create winning marketing pieces efficiently.

Automation August: Advanced SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks

30 Minute Webinar
Join us for a webinar that will focus on tips and tricks that you can use in your daily efforts in SOLIDWORKS. We’ll be sure to cover some of the features that came from earlier releases designed to make your job easier. This will be an advanced session.

Automation August: Assembly Best Practices

30 Minute Webinar
Assemblies got you down? Get back up to speed with best practices guaranteed to help you succeed! This will be an intermediate session designed to help you improve your assemblies that day.

Automation August: Manufacturing Documentation

30 Minute Webinar
In this rapid fire webinar of tips and enhanced technology, find new and more efficient ways of detailing your models in 2D and 3D, save time creating First Article Inspection documents when model changes occur, and improve assembly quality by automating your tolerance stack-up and clearly communicating the assembly steps.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Online Launch Event Part 2

60 Minute Webinar
This webinar based on SOLIDWORKS 2018 Launch material will cover: User Experience, Sketching, Assemblies, Magnetic Mates, Simulation, Flow Simulation, Plastics, Treehouse, and PDM.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Online Launch Event Part 3

60 Minute Webinar
This webinar based on SOLIDWORKS 2018 Launch material will cover: Tab and Slot, Drawings, eDrawings, Inspection (Standalone), Composer, Visualize, and Manage.


2018 Webinars:


Jumpstart January: Bring Your Ideas to Matter

30 Minute Webinar

Learn tips, tricks and discuss new features and tools to turn your ideas into reality. Whether you are working with other CAD file formats, mesh data, or starting from scratch, this session will provide you with everything you need to focus on the design, not CAD. 

Jumpstart January: Topology is Greater than Phrenology

30 Minute Webinar

Finding the appropriate form of your new design is easier than ever with new Topology Study methods in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018. Discover how you can improve your designs faster while adhering to your design and manufacturing goals.

Jumpstart January: Bent Out of Shape: Working with Sheet Metal

30 Minute Webinar

Learn the latest tools and techniques available to help you reduce cost, design time, and master those complex shapes in sheet metal design and manufacturing.

Jumpstart January: Flow Through Endless Possibilities

30 Minute Webinar

Simulate your fluid dynamics with ease by taking advantage of purpose built applications for flow systems and heat transfer. 

May Day: SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Practices

30 Minute Webinar
Increasing assembly performance makes everyone's day better! Explore ways to speed up your large assembly designs and increase productivity.

May Day: Solid Modeling Tips & Tricks

30 Minute Webinar
Quick and dirty or fast and robust, discover tools and techniques to make you a more efficient solid modeler.

May Day: SOLIDWORKS PDM Electrical Connector

30 Minute Webinar
Now your electrical team can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional's workflow with the new PDM Connector tool for SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Manage your electrical files, with the familiar and powerful interface of SOLIDWORKS PDM.

May Day: SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector

30 Minute Webinar
Take the hassle out of your ECAD and MCAD collaboration process with an integrated solution using the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector. Discover what the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector is and how to use it.

Strategic September: Sheet Metal Tips & Tricks 

30 Minute Webinar
Come explore the SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal design techniques that you should be using to make your job easier. Standardize your designs, find software shortcuts, and build top notch parts in less time after you attend this 30 minute webinar.

Strategic September: Sweep Away the Competition

30 Minute Webinar
We will be covering some of the features you may not know about both the sweep and the loft features in SOLIDWORKS, This information is helpful for all SOLIDWORKS users, not power users alone!

Strategic September: Revision Table Automation in SOLIDWORKS PDM 

30 Minute Webinar
Have a need to implement revision tables using SOLIDWORKS PDM? Wish there was an automated solution? See what it takes to employ SOLIDWORKS PDM’s integrated solution for revision table automation.

Strategic September: Making Contact: How to Get Home-Run Results 

30 Minute Webinar
Are you closing your eyes and hoping that your simulation results are accurate? Get ahead of the count and get a better understanding of the best practices for constraining your model and feeling good about the swing. Learn about the different contacts that maintain proper relations inside your model as well as the fixtures and other boundary conditions for holding it in space. We'll take a walk around the bases to make sure that your next project is a feel-good home run.


2019 Webinars:


Jumpstart January: Launch Session 1

30 Minute Webinar

This session of the Launch webinars will cover Graphics Performance, Large Design Review, Assembly Delighters, Silhouette Defeature, Structure System, Multi-Body Interference, and Tab & Slot.

Jumpstart January: Launch Session 2

30 Minute Webinar

This session of the Launch webinars will cover Topology Study, User Experience, Drawings, eDrawings, Treehouse, and Product Data Management.

Jumpstart January: Launch Session 3

30 Minute Webinar

This session of the Launch webinars will cover Model Based Definition, CAM, Inspection, Composer, Electrical, and PCB.

Jumpstart January: Launch Session 4

30 Minute Webinar

This session of the Launch webinars will cover Simulation, Flow Simulation, Plastics, Touch & Gesture Sketching, 3D Mark Up, Visualize, and Extended Reality.

Accelerated April: Functional First Pass Analysis

30 Minute Webinar

SOLIDWORKS Simulation brings useful analysis tools to the masses. Learn how any SOLIDWORKS user can use it to bring their products to market faster with fewer prototypes and better, cheaper results.

Accelerated April: Successful Layers of 3D Printing

30 Minute Webinar

You have invested in your FDM printer, now make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Learn how to avoid common 3D printing pitfalls and reach the peak of your printer's capabilities. We will tackle the 20% of settings causing 80% of your issues. Make sure you avoid reprinting and save money on materials.

Accelerated April: Better Products through Iterative Design

30 Minute Webinar

Topology Study methods in SOLIDWORKS Simulation allow you to find better forms for your designs. Create better products while still meeting your design and manufacturing goals.

Accelerated April: Designing for Additive Manufacturing

30 Minute Webinar

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is growing at an unprecedented pace and is establishing itself as a viable production method in several industry verticals. Learn about several major printing methods and how to design your parts to get the most out of Additive Manufacturing. This is a printer/machine neutral presentation.

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