Can I connect multiple wires to one connection point?

Creating Backups

Property Tab Builder Fundamentals

How do I create links?

Why does my file preview look like that?

Getting started

What happened to dynamic highlight?

What changed with machines in version 2014?

How do I use the remote solver?

Advanced methods for using links

Can you put fiber in your plastic?

Can I make an arc into a circle?

How do I create a crop view of an assembly drawing?

My CommandManager is floating! How do I get it back?

Unsuppress with dependents (parent/child relationships)

How do I sort reports?

CSV handling for BOMs

Undo a drag and drop change in a sketch

Why is my cosmetic thread wrong?

What types of meshes are available?

How do I change mesh types?

How define a shell mesh?

Why don't my holes show up? (ECAD Import)

Why aren't my cosmetic threads showing?

How do I lock rotation on all concentric mates?

How do I manage the location of my simulation files?

How do I force new parts to save outside of an assembly?

Where did my task pane go?

Why is my solid feature missing a face?

How do I see max stress for all time steps?

Which relations are external to my sketch?

Can I remove permissions to delete projects?

Where are the tutorials?

How do I include internal wire with Routing?

Prescribed circumferential displacement

How to handle result files with Workgroup PDM

How to handle result files with Enterprise PDM

Why isn't my BOM showing?

Confirmation Corner

More Weldment Profiles!?

User Rights with 2015!?

Extra bodies from trimming weldments!?

How to preview results while solving

How do I solve for jetting?

How do I efficiently bring in Toolbox components?

How do I add more leaders to my note?

How do I find leaks in my model?

Starting with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2015, it's easier than ever to change the or

Learn how to make schematics in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D.

Check out this tutorial for Electrical 3D.

This video will give you a first look at SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

SOLIDWORKS Rx - Benchmark

Check out how our building went from boring to classy.

This video will give you a first look at what SOLIDWORKS Simulation can do.

Learn more about what SOLIDWORKS Simulation can do to help you!

SOLIDWORKS help inspire innovative design and grow your business.

Accelerate Time-to-Market and Speed Up Production

This video gives you a first look at Enterprise and shows you it's capabilities.

This video will give you a first look at how SOLIDWORKS Composer can help you.

Find out more about how this product will help you and your team succeed.

Find out how Enterprise simplifies version control.

Find out how SOLIDWORKS can revolutionize your design process.

This will give you a look at the entire SOLIDWORKS suite of products.

Benefit from CAD-integrated FEA.

Seven Unique Technologies for Concurrent Engineering

Composer streamlines the creation of 2D and 3D graphical contents.

Find out how Composer speeds your documentation processes.

Easily find where parts are used throughout all of your products.

Eliminate conversion of 3D data to 2D documents.

Fully leverage 3D data throughout your organization.

Find out how SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition could increase your efficiency.

Watch this video for help on sheet metal woes! Originally from Tech Day 2015!

Master the elements - wind, water, and fire - within your designs.

Search based on a state name.

Use the latest technology to take your technical communication to the next level

Review common challenges and best practices for CAD administration.

Make more efficient parts, assemblies and drawings.

Learn how you can quickly and accurately find a better design.

Discover how to get the most out of your assemblies.

See how you can use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and PDM to manage CFD projects.

See how to create a new camera, change cameras in your animation and attach them

Check out the first look for SOLIDWORKS Plastics

How to change your sketch colors (global and sketch specific options)

Marketers and Engineers: Collaborate!

Customizing cut plots to modify the boundaries of the plot.

Get ready for Tech Day in 2016

3D Interconnect lets you bring in 3rd party design tool files.

Discover SOLIDWORKS PCB powered by Altium.

Discover why 3.1 million users choose SOLIDWORKS.

Discover surfacing in 2017.

Find out what's new in eDrawings 2017.

Find out what's new in Simulation 2017.

Find out what's new in Model Based Definition in 2017.

Find out what's new in PDM in 2017.

Discover the modeling power in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Discover Magnetic Mates in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Discover SOLIDWORKS Visualize

The Sindoh 3DWOX is a competent, easy solution to bring your ideas to matter.

Discover the benefits of the 3D WOX software interfaces.

Discover the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS with your Sindoh 3DWOX.

Discover the benefits of the Sindoh Desktop Interface to get great prints.

Discover SOLIDWORKS Inspection

SOLIDWORKS easy-to-use 3D CAD software is the complete CAD teaching tool.

Sell better with interactive 3D assembly instructions.

See the top 3 new features in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017.

Automatically place your gates for balanced fills.

MBD provides many ways to communicate details associated with your product.

Get in introductory overview of SOLIDWORKS PCB.

SW Electrical design ends the tedium when working from referenced documents.

See how Quest engineers handle the the web's most searched questions.

Leverage your engineering team's CAD data to create powerful marketing materials

Use SOLIDWORKS Visualize to create photorealistic renderings and animations.

SOLIDWORKS' interface saves you time while maximizing productivity and accuracy.

Simulation makes it easy to validate your design and solve critical challenges.

Markforged machines reinvent the manufacturing process.

Discover the 3D printer that prints carbon fiber, fiberglass and more.

Solve complex challenges to streamline your assembly or maintenance processes.

Utilize these tools and shortcuts to efficiently complete your PCB designs.

Discover how DriveWorks helps you sell better.

Reduce production costs and improve manufacturing lead time.

Create crystal clear documentation that anyone can understand.

Watch how data reuse is quickly and easily accomplished.

Discover how a data management strategy can help you succeed.

Discover a solution using data management software to manage Oscar envelopes.

Discover how SOLIDWORKS PCB simplifies your processes.

Discover how the integrated tools for Electrical Design save you time.

Model Based Definition in SOLIDWORKS 2018 is more powerful than ever.

Provides everything you need to bring your ideas to market.

Leverage the power of Model-Based Definition.

Programs directly from GD&T information applied to the 3D model.

Supports a variety of formats including files such as JT, STEP, IGES & ACIS.

Capture design ideas even faster using a Windows touch-enabled device.

Aids day-to-day productivity with a series of enhancements focused 100% on you.

Discover how SOLIDWORKS delivers productivity improvements to the everyday tasks

A new tool automates the creation of tab and slot features.

Work with mesh data more like surface and body geometry.

Make quick and easy design changes across your entire electrical project.

New enhancements include bi-directional communication.

Rules based machining and automatic feature recognition.

Streamline the way you create, validate, manage, manufacture and inspect.

Learn how to stay competitive in today’s world.

Focus on validating the design function

Markforged announces a breakthrough technology for manufacturing metal.

Brian Hillner of Dassault Systemes walks through Visualize workflows for VR.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is the way to create First Article Inspection Reports.

Discover Trevor's favorite feature in SOLIDWORKS 2018! What's yours?

Discover Karl's favorite new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2018! What's yours?

Discover Brandon's favorite feature in SOLIDWORKS 2018. What's yours?

Discover Michael's favorite feature in SOLIDWORKS 2018. What's yours?

Discover Adam's favorite SOLIDWORKS 2018 feature. What's yours?

DriveWorks helps you sell better by allowing for custom configurations.

SpaceMouse Enterprise, CADMouse and CADMouse Pad also featured in this video

Find out what it takes to get a 3D printed paddle holder for your kayak. Discove

SOLIDWORKS Electrical helps you simplify electrical harnessing documentation

Improve your CAD experience with the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise

Make complex structure systems without the need to create intricate 3D sketches

Large Design review has been enhanced to include assembly editing capabilities.

Take advantage of the latest cutting-edge hardware technology.

Maximize the productivity of your design to manufacturing process.

New tools help you create designs faster!

Collaborate easily with new capabilities for communicating ideas and models.

Add markups directly to parts and assemblies when using a touch device.

New capabilities reduce the time required to generate CNC programs.

Powerful new productivity enhancements make documenting your designs even faster

Inspection gives you greater flexibility with first article inspection reports.

Cut time and costs associated with creating traditional documentation with MBD

Treehouse enhancements help with creating and managing assembly structures.

Continue working on your touch device with ease!

New capabilities improve the user experience to increase your daily productivity

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Preview

New capabilities help you go from design to finished products faster!

Navigate the Mate folder with the new Group Mates feature.

View more CAD file types, view large assemblies better & share files more easily

Simplify complex assemblies, share models and protect your intellectual property

New tools help leverage design data to create production parts!

Reduce the time it takes to program your parts.

Creating and editing exploded views is even easier now!

New topology options help speed up the development of highly optimized products.

This boost provides a better user experience when working with large assemblies.

Download the entire 5-part eBook Series, Design to Manufacturing!

Learn more about CAD & CAM - Then and Now with this Feature Article

Large Design review has been enhanced to include assembly editing capabilities.

Unveil SOLIDWORKS 2019 and all the new capabilities and enhancements!

Discover What's New with SOLIDWORKS 2019

Bring Your Ideas to Market Faster

Use mesh geometry to streamline your designs to manufacture!

eDrawings professional 2019 provides a seamless path to Virtual Reality!

Cam reduces the barriers between design and manufacturing

Discover the Markforged X7 and its capabilities in this video.

Simulate flows with a freely moving interface between two immiscible fluids.

Automate the roll up of a Bill of Materials using SOLIDWORKS Manage

Discover how a Christmas ornament was designed and produced on demand.

We used SOLIDWORKS & Markforged to transform trekking poles into shooting sticks

Find out what it takes to get a 3D printed paddle holder for your kayak.

Easily communicate product manufacturing info with SOLIDWORKS MBD

Watch this video to see an example of a smart design of a power strip.

Data reuse is easily accomplished using PDM Copy Tree & Folder Template features

Create instructions faster than you ever thought possible.

Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS MBD.