Strategic September Webinar Series

Strategic September Webinar Series
Join us for webinar every Friday in September.

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Use September to strategize on better techniques for your design process this year.

September 7: Sheet Metal Tips & Tricks

Come explore the SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal design techniques that you should be using to make your job easier. Standardize your designs, find software shortcuts, and build top notch parts in less time after you attend this 30 minute webinar.
Level: Intermediate

September 14: Sweep Away the Competition

We will be covering some of the features you may not know about both the sweep and the loft features in SOLIDWORKS, This information is helpful for all SOLIDWORKS users, not power users alone!
Level: Intermediate

September 21: Revision Table Automation in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Have a need to implement revision tables using SOLIDWORKS PDM? Wish there was an automated solution? See what it takes to employ SOLIDWORKS PDM’s integrated solution for revision table automation.
Level: Intermediate

September 28: Making Contact: How to Get Home Run Results

Are you closing your eyes and hoping that your simulation results are accurate? Get ahead of the count and get a better understanding of the best practices for constraining your model and feeling good about the swing. Learn about the different contacts that maintain proper relations inside your model as well as the fixtures and other boundary conditions for holding it in space. We'll take a walk around the bases to make sure that your next project is a feel-good home run.
Level: Fundamentals