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SOLIDWORKS & URB-E: A Perfectly Designed Collaboration

URBAN626 is an upstart tech company out of Pasadena, CA, poised to revamp the modern urban commute with the URB-E. As the world’s most compact, foldable electric vehicle, URB-E is a light, fully portable and is fixing the “last mile problem” for many urban commuters. (When most of your commute is covered by public transportation, but the pick-up or drop off location is just a bit too far away.) Brought to market in just six months, URB-E is a true “concept to consumer” success story, and SOLIDWORKS was there every step of the way, offering streamlined workflows that kept the project humming.

“As an innovation company, the creative process is really important to us. Having tools like SOLIDWORKS that support that process so well is equally important.”

Sven Etzelsberger, co-founder and CTO of URBAN626

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