Simulation September Webinar Series

Simulation September Webinar Series
Join us the first four Wednesdays in September for an informational series on our Simulation tools and how they can help you.

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September 16: Simulation Levels

While basic analysis and prototyping can be effective for developing new products, more realistic simulations can provide valuable design insight that saves time and money. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help you explore the effects of real-world phenomena such as dynamic loading on parts and assemblies. Join us for a presentation on how you can take your analysis to the next level by exploring all the levels of SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

September 23: Flow Simulation

Have you often wondered what the value would be in less prototyping due to insightful results from Computational Fluid Dynamics? Flow simulation can help your company understand complex behaviors of fluid flow, heat transfer, and more while, still working in your SOLIDWORKS CAD model. Join us for a short presentation to help understand your return on investment for these simulation tools, and reduce operating costs due to traditional, expensive, prototypes.