Engineering Success User Series - Power Hour

Engineering Success User Series - Power Hour
Join us for our upcoming Power Hour Series in Seattle.

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Don't miss out on our monthly Power Hour series in Seattle. Drop by our Seattle office on these dates for beer, snacks and technical discussion. Here are the next few topics and dates:

Surface Modeling Like a Boss - April 26

Do you design consumer products, injection molds and parts or anything else where solid features like boss, sweep, loft and cut won’t do? Find out some trick methods of using surfacing tools to make a more aesthetically pleasing part with minimal effort. Also see what it takes to complete the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced – Surfacing exam.

Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS PDM - May 23

Get a technical introduction to SOLIDWORKS PDM. This windows integrated data management product is included with your SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses. Important Note: With the SOLIDWORKS 2018 release, Workgroup PDM has been completely replaced with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. We'll cover the best practices for migrating to SOLIDWORKS PDM and understand the differences between PDM Standard and PDM Professional (formerly Enterprise PDM).

FEA & Composites - July 19

Discover the possibilities of performing a finite element analysis (FEA) of composite structures and understand how to investigate various failure modes. Excellent for engineers and designers of aircraft components, helicopters, automobiles, boats, bio-medical and recreational products.

In June, join us for a separate Engineering Success User Series on the full simulation suite.