Composer, CAM, & Inspection Seminar

Composer, CAM, & Inspection Seminar
This event will be put on by SOLIDWORKS Corporate.

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SOLIDWORKS has many tools to help you to communicate with your customer, assembly worker, fabricator, machinist, and quality assurance team.  

Come learn about SOLIDWORKS Composer, to see how easily product designs can be used to create assembly instructions, user manuals, interactive step-by-step storyboards, and more! 

Discover SOLIDWORKS CAM, and the seamless interface between design and manufacturing, to effortlessly machine parts. 

Get introduced to SOLIDWORKS Inspection, to see how quickly inspection characteristics and QA reports can be created, and even have the actual parts being tested receive a “Pass” or “Fail”.

All of these products will increase efficiency and production in your organization – please join us to see how they will help you.

Lunch is complimentary. Located at the Mirabeau Park Hotel in Spokane Valley.