Accelerated April Webinar Series

Accelerated April Webinar Series
This is a webinar series that will every Friday in April from 9 - 9:30 AM PST. See below for a description of each webinar.

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Accelerate your April when you join us a for a webinar every Friday in April. These webinars will be presented at an intermediate level.

April 7: Enhanced Product Communication & Marketing Deliverables

There is a lot of time and money that goes into the development of your products, don’t fall short in giving your customers the quality they deserve by providing valuable documentation to ensure the best experience possible. Discover the various outputs SOLIDWORKS Composer has to offer to help create stunning marketing material and effective communication deliverables, effortlessly and in less time.

April 14: Professional Simulation for Optimizing Your Designs

Find out how the host of tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional can help you to improve your designs. You may need to find multiple failure modes such as yield, fatigue, resonance, buckling, etc. Simulation Professional helps you to analyze multiple scenarios and find the most suitable design for your application.

April 21: SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - Solving Everyday Design Challenges

Learn about the valuable possibilities of using Computational Fluid Dynamics for problem solving in your designs. Keeping your design goals and variables in mind, it is easy to use Flow Simulation to help you answer critical questions about your design.

April 28: What You're Missing in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

You've seen the power that SOLIDWORKS Visualize brings to selling and marketing your product and designs. You may be using Visualize Standard, but why are you going to upgrade to Visualize Professional? Use enhanced features for rendering, deliver higher quality output with turntable rendering, movies, virtual reality and panoramic experiences, import and create animations and more. All the while, if a change is made to the CAD file, easily update your renderings with the geometry and minimize any rework.

We hope to see you online! Call 800-370-3750 with any questions.