2018 Launch Event

2018 Launch Event
Come to see what's in store in 2018 for manufacturing software and hardware.

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Launch events are designed to showcase the latest technology in the manufacturing industry that will launch you to new heights in the next year.

Every year SOLIDWORKS rolls out its newest product updates in the fall. At these events across the territory Quest makes sure you stay up to date on the software and understand how the newest features will improve your productivity. Most of the updates are customer driven and we are always proud to show you how customers are helping shape how SOLIDWORKS performs.

Technology is an ever revolving door with new things coming out every day. That's why at these events we showcase current technology so you know what is being used in industry successfully. That ensures you can make informed decisions when purchasing new technology for your company. These events are half day events. Come to these events to see the current technology in the industry, enhance your SOLIDWORKS skills and more!