SOLIDWORKS subscription service benefits

At Quest we want to make sure you are successful in your endeavors. To help with that we, offer Subscription Service packages for our software packages. Read about our Success Plans for our Markforged 3D printers.

What is included with your subscription service benefits? Discover all you get each year you are on subscription with us.

Technical Support

For the duration of your subscription service contract, you have unlimited technical support. Our engineers are standing by, Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM PST, to assist you via email or phone call. Really need to show them how something is behaving? They can jump on a remote session using GoToMeeting and see what you are seeing. To access technical support, call 800-370-3750 or email Find out more about our support.

Software Upgrades

Don't get left behind with outdated software. When you are on subscription you are guaranteed access to the full upgrades that come out each fall. There are also service packs that come out throughout the year between upgrades to ensure that your software is always functioning at top levels.


Want to show off just how much you know with SOLIDWORKS? Get certified. For each SOLIDWORKS seat your company has, you get a free core exam (CSWA or CSWP) and a free advanced exam each calendar year you are on subscription. Discover certifications. Need more preparation for your certification exam? Come to a training class. Check out our calendar.

Customer Portal & Knowledge Base

Stay connected with up to date resources in the customer portal. It contains a comprehensive Knowledge Base to answer your burning questions.

Want to learn more about subscription service benefits? Call us at 800-370-3750 or fill out our contact form.

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