SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional Featured Capabilities

CAD Integration

Your analysis for Plastic Injection Molding is just a click away with the SOLIDWORKS Plastics Add-in.
Setting up your analysis directly in your CAD Model will help you to design for manufacturing quickly and efficiently, while working with the familiar SOLIDWORKS interface.

SOLIDWORKS Configuration Support

Leverage the capabilities of variable designs using SOLIDWORKS Configurations. 
These powerful configuration tools allow you to experiment with different CAD model designs, with an Injection Molding analysis for each version of your design.
Configurations will allow you to choose the best version of your part model, before tooling Design.

Plastics Material Database

SOLIDWORKS Plastics includes an extensive database of material properties to help you accurately define your analysis. Definition of viscosity, melt temperature, and cooling time of thousands of commonly used polymers will make quick work of setting up your Plastics Analysis.


A quick and robust mesh will allow you to gain accurate insight into your part's manufacturability while maximizing your design time in SOLIDWORKS. With assisted mesh creation available, you will be able to gear up for manufacturing with confidence in your design.

Report Generation

SOLIDWORKS Plastics will automatically compile screenshots, animations, material database information, and boundary condition details for a comprehensive analysis report of your final design in just minutes. Your automatic report can be customized using common formats such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Word documents, or HTML reports. 

Intuitive Result Plots

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard allows plastic part designers to quickly analyze material flow inside a single mold cavity. Easy to read results such as fill time, cavity pressure, weld lines, and air trap locations can help designers understand how their part design will affect manufacturing processes.

Automated Gate Selection

Choosing the location for material injection to the mold cavity is made easy with SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard. The guided analysis setup can be used to allow the software to determine the best location for material injection. Automatic gate selection can eliminate any guess work in determining the best material delivery location for your part.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional allows mold designers accurate analysis results to optimize single cavity, multi cavity, and family molds. Comprehensive results such as cycle time estimates, clamp tonnage, and cavity pressures provide critical information about the manufacturability of plastic parts.

Mold Design Optimization

Automatic Runner balancing, runner design, and material injection locations allow Mold Builders and designers to make quick decisions early in the design process. SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional provides technology to analyze the entire material delivery system to the mold cavity, while optimizing material flow rate and cavity fill times.

Enhanced Result capabilities

Result plots including Cavity Fill time, Cavity Pack pressures, Cooling cycle estimation, weld lines, and air traps help to simulate the injection molding environment accurately. These capabilities will help mold designers to finalize the layout of their delivery system with intuitive results about the flow of plastic in the mold.