SOLIDWORKS PCB Featured Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS PCB Featured Capabilities


ECAD-MCAD Project Collaboration Services

PCB services is the backbone of ECAD to MCAD allowing users to share project files, PCB components, and schematic symbols. It also handles notifications if a document is changed by mechanical or electrical designers.

Managed ECAD-MCAD ECO Process

The ECO process helps users find what changes need to be made from either the Schematic or layout side. The user can export these ECOs for a record of what has changed.

Support for Native SOLIDWORKS® Files Format

With full integration into SOLIDWORKS, we can eiliminate errors caused by data translation.

PCB Design Engine

SOLIDWORKS PCB uses industry proven technology from Altium with an updated user interface and power design tools.

Streamlined Schematic Editing

Schematic capture is made simple with SOLIDWORKS PCB, design rules can help the user avoid costly mistakes.

Streamlined Interface

The modern easy to use interface allows new users to get up to speed quickly, and provides visual clarity for the user.

Real-Time 3D Clearance Checking

Using built in customizable rules clearance between components is no longer a guessing game, users can explicitly state what clearanes should be maintained.

Library Management

In a single location manage all of your schematic symbols and PCB footprints.

Differential Pair Routing Tools

Differential Pair routing is a powerful tool that allows the user to easily route traces of equal length following customizable rules.

Supplier Links

Create links to supplier direct pricing and documentation. This information is useful not only in the planning process but also saves the user time when creating a bill of materials.

Pin Swapping

You no longer have to redefine a symbol if you are only swapping inputs and outputs on something like a microcontroller.

Real-Time Design Rule Checking

Check for design rule violations while working on your PCB. Save time and money in the long run and avoid costly mistakes.

Mixed Mode Spice 3f5 Simulator

Circuit simulation for PCB.

Interactive and Autorouter

Route PCBs faster than ever before, let the software do alot of it for you.

Version Control

Create a version history for your designs that allows you to compare or restore to previous versions.