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Our simulation line allows you to test your products in real world situations verifying their integrity and response to different factors.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Use the widest variety of SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools for Finite Element Analysis. Validate your design's form, fit, and function before production begins, all before ever leaving your CAD software.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Go above and beyond with your design validation analysis. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional is a SOLIDWORKS Integrated tool for finite element analysis.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard enables engineers to verify their parts and assemblies for form, fit, and function using Finite Element analysis.


Product Matrix



Simulation Premium


Simulation Professional


Simulation Standard

Ease of Use/Intuitiveness

Concurrent Engineering

Finite Element Analysis

Contacts and Connectors

Post Processing


Linear Static Simulation for Assembly

Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation


Design Comparison Studies

Trend Tracker

Fatigue Simulation

Detecting Unconstrained Bodies

Equating Driven Results

Advanced Contacts & Connectors


Topology Study


Frequency Simulation


Structural Optimization


Event-Based Motion Simulation


Buckling or Collapse Simulation


Structural Thermal Simulation


Drop Test Simulation


Pressure Vessel Design Simulation


Sub-modeling Simulation


2D Simplification


Load Case Manager


Non Linear Simulation



Dynamic Simulation



Composites Components Simulation



Offloaded Solving




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