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Buy today & take advantage of free technical support for 90 days.  The 3DWOX 1 comes with everything you need to get started. Your purchase will include the Sindoh 3DWOX 1, power and connection cords, software downloads and a cartridge. 

Available within 1-2 business days.

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$ 1,499.00

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Featured Capabilities

Find Your 3D Printer


Find Your 3D Printer


SOLIDWORKS Integration:Solid Works

For the first time ever, print directly from your SOLIDWORKS application.

Gone are the days of cumbersome 3D printing; it has never been easier to bring your ideas to matter. If you know your way around SOLIDWORKS, you will easily navigate through the Sindoh integrated software. And the best part? No file extraction necessary.

SolidWorks Integration

Auto Loading Filament

Open Source Filament:

The 1 is open for all. With the Open Material mode, you can choose to print with Sindoh filament or filaments from other sources allowing you to further explore 3D printing possibilities. 

Remote Monitoring:

Keep an on eye on your printing process from any location with remote monitoring! The camera and LED lighting allows for monitoring day or night. Simply install the 3DWOX mobile app on your phone or tablet to watch the print progress from the convenience of your living room.


Flexible Bed 2X

Print Bed Revolution: 

Combinations of technologies give birth to brilliant innovations. Starting from the DP200's Heated Bed to the DP201's Flexible Bed, we have now redefined the standards of the print bed by bringing both advantages together. 

Wide Selection of Connectivity Options:Connectivity Options

3DWOX incorporates several options to connect, making printing as easy as possible. Connect directly to a PC using the included USB cable or through your network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, to make 3DWOX accessible to all of your computers. Don’t have the printer connected to a computer? No problem, easily print from a USB drive.


Minimal Noise Level:

You can now enjoy doing all kinds of things that require silence such as reading a book or making phone calls! The 3DWOX 1 prints at a noise level of 40 dB[A] allowing you to concentrate on other work!


3DWOX 1 Desktop Subscription Service Plan

Support is available through Subscription Service plans. These cover wear and tear and accidental damage. These plans go above and beyond the 1 year warranty. This will also provide you with certified support via email, phone or onsite visits, depending on the level of support you choose.  See the details.