Wash - 1

The first step in transforming a printed "green" part into fully dense metal is debinding.

Metal X components ordered in early 2018 will ship in  late 2018.

If you wish to order more than 5 please contact us.

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$ 9,990.00

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The Wash-1 immerses the green part in a specialized fluid which removes the primary binding material, leaving the part semi-porous so the remaining binder can easily burn off during sintering. This debinding step purifies the final metal part and helps keep your sintering furnace clean.

Debinder Properties


Materials Supported

All Metals


Opteon Sion


Integrated Control System


Stainless Steel Basket

Washing Size

14 in x 10 in x 8 in

Washing Volume

1120 cubic in


Physical Dimensions


External Dimensions

24 in x 27 in x 42 in


300 lbs




Safety & Installation


Environmental Req.

External Exhaust

Safety Control

Low Fluid Shutoff Control
High Vapor Pressure Shutoff Control


Refer to MSDS


Low Emission Design to Conserve Solvent


120/240 VAC Single Phase


What's In The Box?


  • Washing Station: WASH-1