Sinter - 2

With a huge active hot-zone (1,360 cubic in), the Sinter-2 accommodates the full build volume of the Metal X.

Metal X components ordered in early 2018 will ship in  late 2018.

If you wish to order more than 5 please contact us.

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$ 49,990.00

Featured Capabilities

It’s the perfect solution for larger parts or batch production This workhorse furnace sinters the full range of commercial grade metals from their washed state into dense metal parts.

Furnace Properties


Materials Supported

All Commercial Grade Metals Including: Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Inconel, Aluminum, & Titanium

Heating Element



Pre-Programmed Automatic Cycling

Peak Temperature

1300° C

Sintering Capacity

Cylindrical - 12 in ID x 12 in L

Sintering Volume

1,360 cubic in

Gas Types

Nitrogen, Argon, and Forming Gases


High Purity Refractory Retort (Carbon Free)

Sintering Surface



Physical Dimensions


External Dimensions

70 in x 40 in x 50 in


1500 lbs




Safety & Installation


Environmental Req.

External Exhaust (100 CFM)


208 3-Phase, 100A Recommended

Over Temperature

Protection System Included


What's In The Box?


  • Sintering Oven: SINTER-2