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Form Cure

Form Cure provides the light and heat necessary to post-cure 3D printed parts. Post-curing is optional for Standard Resins and required for many other materials to achieve their optimal properties.

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$ 699.00

Featured Capabilities

Compatible with Form 2 and 3. Maximum part height is 7.28 in.

The Form Cure's basic components include the cover, heater, LED lights, turntable, display, and knob.

  1. Cover. Double walls insulate the cure chamber and internal surfaces reflect light.
  2. Heater. 100 W heating module can heat the chamber up to 176 °F / 80 °C.
  3. LEDs. An array of thirteen (13) 405 nm LEDs help to post-cure parts. Secondary lights illuminate the turntable when the cover is open and during heating.
  4. Turntable. Rotating plate ensures balanced post-curing across all exposed surfaces.
  5. Display. Shows status, time, temperature, and options for configuring Form Cure.
  6. Knob. Turn or push to adjust time and temperature settings and to start, pause, or stop post-curing.
  7. Power Supply. Provides power to Form Cure. Specifications: 24 V, 6 A