DraftSight Professional

DraftSight Professional

For professionals and companies that need an advanced 2D CAD drafting solution with powerful, time-saving productivity functionalities and APIs to help bring their designs to life quickly and easily.

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Some of the powerful DraftSight Professional productivity tools include:

  • Toolbox to quickly generate hardware, holes, balloons, bills of materials, welding and surface finish symbols
  • Batch Printing to send a set of drawings and sheets to printers in a batch job
  • Drawing Compare to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents
  • Power Trim to trim multiple, adjacent entities by dragging the pointer across each entity
  • G-Code Generator to communicate with a CNC machine for fabrication
  • PDF Underlay to attach pages of a PDF document to a drawing
  • Macro Recording to start programming and record actions performed interactively within DraftSight
  • DraftSight APIs to allow end users to customize and automate DraftSight
  • DGN Import to directly import and convert the DGN drawing into a DraftSight for direct editing
  • Insert Centerlines to allow selecting two segments and generate a centerline equally in-between
  • Pattern Along a Path to create a pattern along with a predefined path
  • Split Dimension to create a gap in dimension lines when dimensions are intersecting with other drawing entities, in order to give more clarity to the drawing
  • Curved Text to place text along an arc to better control the text direction and location
  • Hairline to allow machine to consume directly .dwg or .dxf file output for laser cutting
  • Image Tracer to convert an imported raster image file (ex. floor plan, logo) into vectorized line entities
  • Formulas in Tables to support basic formulas in table cell such as sum, count, average, equations
  • Trim Hatch to modify and trim the existing hatch patterns

This offering can be purchased online for a 12-month Subscription and runs on Windows®. A 30-day free trial is available. Email online support for installation and activation issues is included.

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