Volume Heat Sources in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

I’ve received a few questions recently on defining heat sources relative to electronic components. While there is a good tutorial built into SOLIDWORKS (Help>SOLIDWORKS Tutorials>Go to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials>SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional>Thermal Analysis), many people miss the steps for picking bodies or parts (volumes) when defining the heat source. Let’s break this down visually.

After you’ve created your thermal study, right click on Thermal Loads and choose Heat Power…

In the PropertyManager, the selection box doesn’t suggest that we can pick parts or bodies, but we can.

If you’re in an assembly, use the FeatureManager Design Tree flyout to select the part.

Once selected, we can apply our conditions and click OK.

If we’re doing the analysis with multibody parts, you selection is a bit different. You can expand the Solid Bodies folder in the design tree and choose the body you’re interested in.

Happy simulating!

Michael S.
Senior Application Engineer