Using Your Network Licenses Outside of the Office

Network Licenses offer a lot of flexibility when you are in the office, giving anyone who is connected to your network the ability to use SOLIDWORKS. However, If you are not going to be coming into the office you still have options. We will go over two methods of using SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses outside of the office. One method will require a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection in order to get licenses, the other method will require you to come into the office (or at least the parking lot) to borrow a license.

If your license is a standalone license and you’re looking for activation options, Click here.

License Borrowing (No VPN required)

The machine you want to have the license on will need to be connected to the network.

1. Go to your windows start menu and type “License” and select the SolidNetWork License Manager Client

2. Next select the “License Borrowing” Tab:

3. Choose the license type(s) you want to borrow:

4. Choose how long you want to borrow the license for:

5. Select “Borrow” to pull the license from the pool:

6. You should now be able to see any license you have borrowed:

You can return your license when you reconnect to the network. Licenses will automatically be returned when the borrow duration runs out.

Using SOLIDWORKS Licensing with a VPN:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be implemented to allow computers that are not in the same physical location to be connected to the same network. This can be very useful for accessing files that are inside of SOLIDWORKS PDM while away or borrowing a license if you forgot to get one before you left the office. If you don’t have a VPN connection you may want to discuss the option with your IT department or another technical resource.

Virtual private networks are a great way to access your SOLIDWORKS Network License manager and borrow a license as shown above. There is just one extra step if you are working remotely over a VPN.

1. Make sure you connect your VPN

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