Using Standalone Licenses Outside of the Office

There has been increasing desire to be able to work remotely. Whether that’s from home, on the road, or just not at your desk. There are a couple of ways that you can make your license work on multiple computers.

If your license is a Network license and you’re looking for options, Click Here.


This is the simplest option to setup and doesn’t require any special setup. However, it requires more diligence on your (the user’s) part. When you are done on one machine, you’ll need to follow these steps from that computer to make it available for use on the other machine.

Start with SOLIDWORKS open (any installed version, doesn’t have to be the “newest” version; for example, you can do this from 2019 even if 2020 is installed). Also, an internet connection is required when going through any of these steps (though once completed, SOLIDWORKS will work without a connection)

Deactivate License

1. Go to the Help menu

a. Click Deactivate License

2. Follow the wizard to deactivate that license

a. Click Next >

b. Click Finish

Following that process tells the SOLIDWORKS activation servers that this computer will no longer be running SOLIDWORKS. To run it on another machine you’ll need “activate” that machine. This could be the same machine or another machine, say at home.

Activate License

  2. SOLIDWORKS will prompt you to activate your license

a. Select the license(s) you want to activate

b. Click Next >

c. Click Finish

You can repeat those steps as many times as you’d like, even multiple times per day, to “move” the activation around.

Online Licensing

This option performs all the tasks that we went through in Option 1 behind the scenes. This means that we no longer need to remember to deactivate at the end of the day and we don’t have to go through the several clicks each direction.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that this only works with 2018 and newer versions of SOLIDWORKS and other products (notice I’m using Visualize in my example). Also, while it requires an internet connection to work, you can “borrow” or Take Offline your license to make it work without internet.

You’ll first need to follow the deactivation steps from Option 1 such that no machines are activated.

Enable Online Licensing

1. Go to

2. Log in (you may need to create a Customer Portal account)

a. If you are creating a new account, make sure to enter a serial number owned by your organization to make sure that you are “attached” to that account

b. If your account already exists but you have issues with some of the future steps, please reach out to us, we can walk you through the steps to fix your account

3. Click on your name in the upper-right hand corner and choose Admin Portal

a. This system uses a “first in” system to assign the admin account; if you are the first one in your organization to sign in to the Admin Portal, you will be an admin and can complete the rest of these steps on your own

b. If you are not the first one to sign-in, you’ll have to find the “admin” at your organization (you should be able to tell who that is once you’re logged in) and have them either complete the following steps for you or have them make you an admin

4. Once logged in, click on your name under Members

5. From there you can see what, if anything, has already been assigned to you

6. Find the license you were using before (pay attention to the Serial Number)
Do not click on the link, just select the row

7. Click on Assign Product

a. This assigns the product to your account and sign-in, which will be important for running the product

8. Once it has been assigned to you, go ahead and click on the link for the product which will take you to a page for that specific license

9. Now click on Change to Online Licensing

That will setup your license to be used with Online Licensing. Now it’s time to have your machine use it.

Use Online Licensing

1. Run SOLIDWORKS (or other product, e.g. Visualize as I’ll be doing)

2. On first run after switching, it will try to activate the “usual” way

a. Click Next > as before

b. It will tell you that “Activation transaction failed…”, click No

c. Click OK to the message about failing to obtain a license

3. Run SOLIDWORKS again

4. You may be asked to sign-in if it’s never been done before; use your Customer Portal credentials

At this point, SOLIDWORKS will see if a license is available every time it starts up. If another machine is using the license (maybe you forgot to shut SOLIDWORKS down on the other machine?), it will ask if you want to force that one “off.”

Don’t forget, as a temporary license solution, we also offer Term Licensing packages. Contact us for more information!