Using SOLIDWORKS for 3D Logo Animations

Take a peek at these 9 second animations and read below to find out about the meaning they have to me and how we can use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Composer to create these animations.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Version 3:


The year 2016 marks the 250th anniversary of my ancestors permanently settling in New Brunswick, Canada coming from Pennsylvania and Germany before that. More information can be found at

July 23, 2016 marks the day of setting the new Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of individuals with the same last name in the same place at the same time. Needless to say, this is a “once in a lifetime event” and much effort is going into this week long celebration. Please share if you know any Steeves, Steves, Stief’s, or Stieff’s.

The board responsible for this event has created a new family brand that represents momentous occasion.

With my SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD skillset, I was inspired to make this a 3D logo and animate it to be used as an introductory video for marketing and other public relation efforts.

Creating the 3D Model

  1. Use sketch picture to bring in the logo above and create individual bodies. These are 3D bodies, so you can make them however you like. However, one of the requirements is that the front view matches the sketch picture.
  2. Since all these bodies are in one part, we’ll use save bodies to make an assembly. To do so, right click on the Solid Bodies folder in the design tree and choose Save Bodies.
  3. Now that we have an assembly of individual bodies, we can apply appearances to the parts to match the logo. In version one, I used the animation tool in SOLIDWORKS to control the positions of the bodies throughout time.

    Hits: use cameras to have better control of the view of the model. Be sure to get the correct color values (RGB codes) for your parts. Use Color Cop if you can’t get find the correct values:

Making the Animation

  1. As we saw in version one, I used the SOLIDWORKS animation tool to make the video. After getting feedback from the board, we had a different vision for the animation.
    1. Show the branches growing
    2. Show the leaves grow
  2. Here’s the challenge, this type of “growing” can be accomplished in SOLIDWORKS, but it was a daunting task. Instead, I went to an easier and faster tool. Enter SOLIDWORKS Composer.
  3. Import the model. A simple File>Open with Composer.
  4. Apply the colors similar to previous.
  5. Use the timeline. Again, this is similar to above, but we have different and more efficient controls over the geometry.
  6. To animate the “growing” we use scale. Yes, these values can change throughout the animation
  7. Now we use our creativity and create that great looking animation.
    1. As you may see in the Timeline, I used multiple cameras. This makes it easy as we switch from scene to scene. Other than that, opacity, location, translate, and rotate were frequently used:

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions on how you can use your 3D models for marketing efforts.

Michael S.
Senior Application Engineer