Tech Tip - Dual Dimensions with SOLIDWORKS Composer

Dual Dimensions with SOLIDWORKS Composer












SOLIDWORKS Composer provides purpose-built tools for authoring content for technical communication applications like assembly instructions, maintenance manuals, sales and marketing assets and much more.

This authored content can be created in many forms like 2D static images, 2D interactive images, 3D animations and interactive 3D documentation.

In many cases, your customers consuming this information may require a dimension to be called out like you see here.
















While this is great, not everyone may use the metric system. How can we call out the diameter in inches instead of millimeters? Or better yet, can we have both displayed at the same time?

If you want both on screen, you can select the dimension and edit the properties as shown. Please note that this requires that you manually convert the value and type in the string value.

What if we don’t need both dimensions shown at the same time? This way takes more manual work to create anyway! Let’s do something else.

In the following scenario, we’re using the free SOLIDWORKS Composer Player to view the metric document as shown in the first image.

If we want to view the dimensions in inches instead, we click Edit>Document Properties.

Here, go to the Units section and change Output>Length to Inches.

Click OK to apply the change and return to the document. Our dimensions are now in inches.

Please contact Quest Integration for further support with SOLIDWORKS Composer and find out how to purchase a license if you don’t have one already.

Michael S.
Territory Manager