Support Logs: Help Us Help You!

As many of you have come to know over the years, it is always best to send us your log files if a SolidWorks installation fails. An installation can fail for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons we have seen are typically related to Windows Permission Settings, or Anti-Virus systems.
During the installation troubleshooting process, it is best to temporarily disable Anti-Virus systems, because some systems will block installation of necessary SolidWorks Components. It is also very important to install SolidWorks products using an Administrative Windows Account. You will need administrative privileges to install all of the necessary SolidWorks files.
For those times when the installation is failing with an error, you should always save your log files when prompted. What you may not know, is that there are different levels of detail that can be included with these log files. During any installation trouble shooting, it is helpful if we can start with the most information possible about the failing installation. To ensure that we have all the information needed to help you troubleshoot the installation, we recommend setting your installation logging levels to "High", as well as enabling the "Windows Installer Logs". The combination of these two settings will tell a more complete story about why the installation is failing, and help us work quickly to get the issue resolved. 
Don't be alarmed that the "High" logging levels are labeled as "Slow." It is not typical to see a dramatic change in the installation time just by enabling these options. When you do need to change these settings, you can do so by Right clicking the top of your Installation Manager, and choosing "Logging Levels."