Staying Up to date with SolidWorks Tools

This topic was requested by Tammy Ratzlaff from EZ Loader Trailers. There are four main ways I try to stay up to date on the new tools in SolidWorks. 
  1. Go to the Launch Events
  2. Go to Tech Day 
  3. Review the Whats New PDF in every version of SolidWorks
  4. Other resources(Co-Worker, Support, Online Videos)

Why Launch Events?

The launch events every year are the best way to pick up on what the new features in the software for each release. You may also pick up on things that come from previous releases you did not know are possible. If you keep an eye out for the details, the presenter really tries to make things look easy so they will use as many shortcuts and tricks as they know how.

Why Tech Day?

Tech Day is the single time during the year that the people who are doing technical support can show how to overcome the struggles that the everyday deals with. These are real issues that the Engineers on the Quest team talk to customers about throughout the year. If you ever wonder about best practices or how to go about making your relationship with SolidWorks easier, this is the place to go.

Why Review the Whats New PDF?

Every year when the new version of the Software comes out, I go through a tradition of reading the Whats New PDF. Sounds boring, but this is where I get a lot of really good information that a lot of people miss out on. Not only do I review the PDF from the new version I also go through the previous two years, just in case I missed something or throughout the year my interest has changed to a new area. This PDF can be found in the help menu or you can go here:

Other Resources

There are many other resources that can be used some of my favorites are: 
-My Co-workers(All Certified SolidWorks Experts) but anyone can be helpful.
-Singularity of the day
-My SolidWorks
-The Quest