Standalone License Activation Failed

If you use a standalone SOLIDWORKS license, you may be familiar with the need to activate your product after installing or upgrading to the latest version. After all, this product activation technology has been a part of the installation process since 2007.

Once you launch SOLIDWORKS, the product license will be checked and if it hasn’t been activated yet, you will be prompted to do so as shown here.

Note that an internet connection (or access to email) is required to activate your product. If you don’t have an internet connection, you have a 30 day grace period to get that computer access to internet or for you to get access to email.

Please also note that this grace period is a one-time opportunity after initial installation. After your product has been activated, you will not have an option for a 30 day grace period.

You can also initiate the activation process manually by going to Help>Activate License in SOLIDWORKS.

Starting the activation process, you are prompted to select the products to activate.

Be sure to enter your email address and click on the product or click “Select All” so that your Activation looks like this before clicking Next.

Clicking next will start the communication and activation with the SOLIDWORKS Corp Activation Server.

If all goes well, you are notified that the activation was a success. You may then click finish and start using SOLIDWORKS.

Otherwise, you may run into an activation failure.

In most cases, this is because another computer has already been activated with the same license. This is indicated in the message “Activation count exceeded. Either deactivate a license from another computer and retry or call your reseller.”

The same serial number for SOLIDWORKS was used on multiple machines. While this is ok, only one computer can hold the activation at a time.

What does it look like to deactivate a license from another computer? We’ll start by opening SOLIDWORKS on the other computer. As shown in the image above of the Help menu, choose “Deactivate License.”

We’ll go through the same selection as before. Clicking Next will communicate with the SOLIDWORKS Corp Activation Server and release the license from the computer.

Clicking Finish, SOLIDWORKS will then close. If you try to open it now, it will prompt for activation.

Now you may activate your SOLIDWORKS Product license on another computer.

Activation Tips and Tricks:

If SOLIDWORKS is no longer installed on the computer that is active, you can download the SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard here to go through the deactivation process.

If you are unsure which computers may be active, call your reseller.

If you use your standalone license on multiple computers, be sure to go to Help>Deactivate license at the end of your session so that you can activate on another computer.

Michael S.
Senior Application Engineer