SOLIDWORKS Windows 10 Support

Does SOLIDWORKS support Windows 10?

Free is always good and Microsoft’s brilliant strategy to offer us a free upgrade is undoubtingly enticing. However, we must realize that there is more to just hitting the free upgrade button. As with any upgrade of any software we should always look at the system requirements. As of right now if you look at the SOLIDWORKS system requirements page, you will not see Windows 10 as a supported operating system. Immediately this answers our question of, “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?”

Although right now SOLIDWORKS (SP4) is not supported on Windows 10 operating system, SOLIDWORKS recently released the following.

This leads us to believe that Windows 10 will be supported in SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5 and 2016 SP0. Keep in mind that this information is subject to change. We will know for sure when there is an official announcement from SOLIDWORKS.

So if SOLIDWORKS does in fact support Windows 10 OS with SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5, the question then becomes, “When does SP5 get released?” Expect to see this right around the release of SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0 (October 2015). Don’t worry; you won’t lose your opportunity at a free upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft is giving their customers an entire year (until July 26, 2016) to make the commitment. So this actually works out well for us SOLIDWORKS users. We all know there is potential for undetected kinks in a new Windows release. Why not let these problems surface to get a better understanding of any challenges you may face in production?

Best of Luck in Your Design Efforts,

Adam B.

Application Engineer