Lofting Between Dissimilar Sketch Profiles

The Loft feature (both solid and surface) provides a way to model more complex, organic geometry. You can define Guide Curves or Centerline Parameters to help influence the shape of the loft as it is transitioning between profiles. However, it is important to understand how the software interprets the information in order to get the results you are looking for. When lofting between profiles that are dissimilar, you may have experienced something like this at some point:

The reason this happens is not just because the profiles are different. As you can see below, the profiles are different in this instance, but the outcome is correct.

What the software is really looking at is the number of endpoints in each profile. If Profile 1 has only two endpoints (ie half circle) and Profile 2 has four points (ie square), then the software attempts to map these points as it understands the inputs.

Rather than attempting to manually adjust the location of each connector, you can define the exact location for where these connectors will be placed by modifying the sketch profiles have the same number of connection points. Split Entities can be used to split a single entity into multiple entities thus creating additional endpoints.

Now when the profiles are selected in the Loft feature the connectors are at the correct locations.

Best Regards,

Adam B.
Engineering Coordinator