Customizing your Quality Inspection Documents with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Many of you have seen already that SOLIDWORKS Inspection can help to save a significant amount of time when performing quality inspection. Whether it is First Article Inspection, or inspection of parts for shipping and receiving, a report will need to go along with the parts being inspected.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection allows you to use Microsoft Excel Templates to output the information from your Inspection projects. Once the parts have been inspected, and dimensions have been recorded, the results can be used to populate a customized spreadsheet to fit your company and industry standards.

When you begin with you templates in SOLIDWORKS Inspection, it is important to use the Template Editor to define the spreadsheet output that you need.

After you begin your new template, you can populate your template with “Tokens”. Tokens are values that link to information in your inspection project, such as Part Number, Balloon Information, or Dimensional Results taken from measurements.

Customizing your inspection reports is easy with SOLIDWORKS Inspection. You can output your final spreadsheet without any manual data entry.