Features You May Have Missed in 2015

SOLIDWORKS 2016 is coming… Did you use the new functionalities in SOLIDWORKS 2015 yet?

Here are a few enhancements made in SOLIDWORKS 2015 that can make any designer or engineer more efficient when they use SOLIDWORKS. With 2016 Service Pack Zero just a short time away, make sure that you have some great tricks up your sleeve from SOLIDWORKS 2015.

  1. Customizing Context sensitive toolbars: For years, SOLIDWORKS has helped users complete a design task easily by putting the tools that you need right at your fingertips. When selecting faces, edges, vertices, or any type of geometry in SOLIDWORKS, you have context menu options. With SOLIDWORKS 2015, these context menus can be customized to add commands that you use often. Simply click on any feature in the graphics area, then right click your context toolbar and choose “Customize”. This will allow you to drag and drop new commands onto your toolbar. Get to the tools you need even faster than before.

  1. Previous selection options: With the new “Selection Context Toolbar”, it is quick and easy to recall the last selection that you made in the graphics area. If you spend any amount of time making multiple selections, and happen to lose your selection by mistake, this tool allows you to recall that selection on demand. This saves you from having to make your selections all over again.

  1. Creating selection sets: Any time you need to select multiple features, components, or geometry many times over, it can be beneficial to have a shortcut for selecting those items. If you are setting up a simulation study, and need to select the same faces for several boundary conditions, a selection set makes this easy. Simply pick your selection set, and move forward with the design. This can also help with selecting a group of parts in your assembly that may need to be hidden or suppressed in different situations. Selection sets give you a great way to manage groups of parts.