Enabled eDrawings Files

“The eDrawings application gives you the power to create, view, and share 3D models and 2D drawings.” When it comes to sharing native SOLIDWORKS files (*.sldprt, *.sldasm and *.slddrw file types), eDrawings provides unparalleled access to viewing and collaborating with non-SOLIDWORKS users.

In addition to Windows, eDrawings is also available on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. Check out downloads and system requirements.

What do we mean by “Enabled” eDrawings files? We’re referring to the review (cross section, move component, stamp) and measure (make exact measurements on models) tools in eDrawings.

If you’re using the free eDrawings viewer, there are two ways to have access to the review and measure tools. You can read the help article, but to summarize:

  1. For eDrawings file types (*.eprt, *.easm, *.edrw), the file must have been saved from eDrawings Professional or published from SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium with Measure enabled.
  2. For native SOLIDWORKS file types, the file must be last saved from SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium

“Measure” is enabled from the export settings for eDrawings files. This can be found in version 2017, by going to Tools>Options>Export, choose “EDRW/EPRT/EASM” as the format and find “Okay to measure this eDrawings file.” In 2017 and earlier versions, this option can be found by going to the Save As dialog, choosing the eDrawings file type and clicking “Options…”

NOTICE for customers using a network license (SNL, SolidNetWork License) with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses:

If you find yourself saving native SOLIDWORKS files that do not have measure enabled in the free eDrawings viewer, it’s likely due to the fact that you’re not using the Professional or Premium license. For example:

I have one SOLIDWORKS Premium network license. When I start SOLIDWORKS, I’m only consuming a SOLIDWORKS Standard license by default. The Professional or Premium License is consumed when a Professional or Premium add-in is enabled (ScanTo3D for example).

To see what kind of license you’re using, go to Help>SolidNetwork License Manager in SOLIDWORKS.

This matters when you save your file. If you save your file while NOT consuming a Professional or Premium license, the files is being saved from SOLIDWORKS Standard. This means that when the file is opened by the free eDrawings viewer, Measure will NOT be available.

Be sure to be using a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license when saving native SOLIDWORKS files. Otherwise, you can purchase standalone eDrawings Professional licenses to give these non-SOLIDWORKS users more flexibility.

If you have any further questions, please contact support.

Michael S.
Senior Application Engineer