Efficiently Create Large Assembly Exploded Views

When creating exploded views for drawings, sometimes it is desirable to explode multiple components or subassemblies in the same direction.  Well-spaced views can be created easily by using “Auto-space components on drag” option and managing the “Select the subassembly parts” option.

In the following assembly, we’ll first explode the subassemblies in the vertical direction.  In the Exploded View options, ensure the Auto-space option is selected and “Select the subassembly parts” option is deselected.  You can select the subassemblies to be exploded either by selecting any component within the subassembly on the screen, or by selecting the subassemblies from the model tree.  After selecting the components, simply drag the arrow corresponding to the direction you wish to explode.

Next we’ll pull the motor with its mounting brackets and bearings off of the motor plate.  For this, we want to deselect the Auto-space option and ensure the “Select the subassembly parts” box is checked.

For the last step, let’s explode the motor, mounting bracket, and shaft out of the bearings.  For this step, we will select both check boxes for “Auto-space components on drag” and “Select the subassembly parts”.  The spacing slider beneath the Auto-space check box can be used to fine tune the space between components in a given explode step (where Auto-space was used) at any time.

Finally, if you’ve already created an exploded view in one of your subassemblies, that view may be reused by selecting the subassembly first and then selecting “Reuse Subassembly Explode” option at the bottom of the Explode view Property Manager.

I hope you find these exploded view options to be a great time saver when exploding very large assemblies with multiple subassemblies and components.

Trevor T.
Application Engineer