Customizing SolidWorks

SolidWorks Is a highly customizable design tool, and the best part is its easy!

SolidWorks Can be customized numerous ways, In this article I will be focusing on the user interface for commands.

Some of the benefits of customizing

  1. Work the way you want.
  2. Get easy access to the tools you want.
  3. Increase the ease and speed with which you work.


Customizing the User Interface

I recommend opening a document or creating a new one, it will help to focus on one interface at a time, if you want to work on your part tool layout you should open a part. Next you can simply right click on the command manager and the drop list should pop up for toolbars, select "Customize" (First Image) if you select Customize menu that will allow you to add or remove items from that menu.

After you select "Customize," the Customize box will come up(Second Image). From here you can customize:

  1. Which toolbars are turned on
  2. What is on the shortcut bar(S key)
  3. Where you would like to place commands.
  4. Add or remove items from menus
  5. Create keyboard shortcuts
  6. Map your mouse Gestures
  7. Show all items hidden by customization in drop lists

Some Enhancements to 2014 that are available here are the Button Size and Text Size Options.
These allow you to increase the size of buttons and text, which is helpful if you are using a touchscreen or just want to make the items easier to read.

Another quick way to customize your user interface is with the Command Search. Using the command search you can type in the name of a command and drag and drop it on your Command Manager. This makes it quick and easy to optimize your user interface.