Customizing SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Cut Plots

Which image better shows the Quest Integration logo? If you’re like me, we would use the image on the left with the cutout in the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation result plot.

The cut plot has limited control on the boundaries of the plot. Sure, we can use the crop region settings, but this isn’t enough. We’re only able to control the maximum and minimum conditions orthogonal to the global coordinate system here.

I need more control. We’ll use surface plots. But first, we have to create a surface.

We practically have unlimited control here with the flexibility of the sketch tools in SOLIDWORKS. In this case, I only need a circle in the area of the “Q” to open up the surface.

Now we define our surface plot with our newly created surface.

As a bonus, double click on the color bar to modify the color palette.

Happy Simulating!

Michael S.
Senior Application Engineer