Customized Drafting Standards

As many of you know, a drafting standard includes a set of detailing document properties that you can customize and use with multiple drawings. When modifying your existing templates to reflect these customizations, it is important to save and overwrite the existing template so you see the changes when you create a new document.

But, what about those legacy documents that also need to adhere to these custom drafting standards? Do I need to open these documents and make each of those customizations again? Of course not! When making customizations to your drafting standard you can save the custom drafting standard as a separate standard to use for any document.

Make sure you add the shared location for any custom drafting standards to your File Locations section of the System Options.

Of course if you are running SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium, you have access to Design Checker. Design Checker allows you to quickly check documents to verify properties for units, dimensions, annotations, etc. You can also open existing standards files for ANSI, ISO and various other standards. Here you can make slight modifications to the standard of choice and run your documents through these tests.

Do I still need to open each document to do these checks? Of course not! SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler allows for automated design checker tasks to be performed in the directory of your choice and can even be placed on a schedule.

Best of Luck in Your Design Efforts,

Adam B.

Application Engineer