Configured Weldment Profiles

Reduce the number of weldment profiles you are creating and editing by utilizing configured weldment profiles. This SOLIDWORKS 2014 enhancement provided weldment users with a quick way to create and make modifications without the hassle of managing many individual files.

SOLIDWORKS categorizes the weldment profiles into Standard, Type and Size. These are defined by where the profile (.sldlfp file) exists. Under Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations click the drop-down menu and select Weldment Profiles. This is where SOLIDWORKS looks for all the Standards.


Each folder that exists in here is a Standard that is available for selection in the Structural Member feature. The folder that exists under each of the Standard folders is the Type.


The weldment profile itself is then listed as the size.


To make these weldment profiles configurable, simply add configurations to your weldment profile (a design table makes this easy), and save it under the standards folder. These configurations then become the sizes so you will want to name them accordingly. Instead of folders under the Standard folder, you will now have configured weldment profiles.


In the PropertyManager for the Structural Member, you will now see <name of weldment profile> - Configured.

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