Busting Myths behind the Customer Experience Program

Has there ever been a time when you wish you could tell the SolidWorks development team directly if you are experiencing an issue with the software?
The option to communicate with the development team has been a part of SolidWorks for many years, but many people choose not to use it.  Letís take a second to understand how it works before you click No, Thank You.
SolidWorks software is under constant development to help you improve your user experience. The goal behind this development is performance, and making your job easier. Over Ninety percent of the enhancements made to the software come from requests from users like you. Many of you have heard of one way to voice your opinion through an enhancement request. Another option that you have available is to communicate your performance details using the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
The Customer Experience Improvement Program is designed to communicate your performance troubles to the SolidWorks development team, in order to help them make the software better, faster, and more efficient. Along with this option, come several common misconceptions: 

MYTH 1:  SolidWorks will perform more slowly if this option is turned on.

False. The information that is gathered by the customer experience options is information that is already being created when you run SolidWorks. By enrolling in the customer experience, you are simply choosing to send that data.

MYTH 2: It is not safe to send my data.

False (but approval from your Administrator may still be necessary). Performance feedback is sent to the secure analysis servers at SolidWorks periodically, and is used for analysis only.

MYTH 3: It is a waste of time

False. The user does not spend any time dealing with the customer experience data. The necessary data is automatically sent when you start SolidWorks, and the log file is over 100 Kb. When your performance log file reaches 100 Kb, or you have experienced a crash, the logs will be sent to SolidWorks.
The development team has a better chance of identifying patterns in performance issues if you send them more data. If you donít have this option turned on, it is a good idea to turn it on.
The data that is being sent is also accessible for CAD Administrators as well. Specific performance data like crash instances, frequency of crashing, system options comparisons, driver software installed, and even Hardware comparisons of all your client machines can be done by enabling the Customer Experience option. This allows you to keep track of the performance of all of your users, right from within your SolidWorks Customer Portal account.
It is recommended by all members of the Quest Integration technical team that you enroll in the Customer Experience Improvement Program. If you haven't switched this option on yet, you can find it under ìSystem Options> General> SolidWorks Customer Experience Improvement Program.  Using this option will allow the people who bring you the SolidWorks products to continue to offer the best solutions on the market.
Any questions on this or need assistance on another technical matter, give our Support Team a call at 1-800-370-3750.