Be More Productive: How to Avoid Losing Your Settings

The Copy Settings Wizard is a handy tool when moving from machine to machine. It allows you to bring your settings to the new machine, but it also allows users with administrative permissions over the network to overwrite the SOLIDWORKS default settings. SOLIDWORKS settings are stored in two places in the system registry LOCAL MACHINE and CURRENT USER.

DISCLAIMER (Modifying the Windows registry directly is not recommended use the Copy Settings Wizard)

A common troubleshooting task is to rename the SOLIDWORKS folder in the CURRENT USER registry, when this happens and SOLIDWORKS is started again it copies the registries from LOCAL MACHINE to CURRENT USER. Unfortunately the SOLIDWORKS settings in local machine are usually not the settings the user actually uses.

Using the network option of the Copy Settings Wizard will allow a user to overwrite these default values to what they would like their default settings to be.

Alternatively using the SOLIDWORKS API is a great way to ensure that your settings are always the same. I have done this two ways, running a macro on startup of SolidWorks or by creating an add-in. A great way to get started with the API is to go through the tutorial. Quest also offers SOLIDWORKS API training.