University High School

At University High School students are learning engineering at an early age. Students have the opportunity to begin taking engineering courses as early as ninth grade. As part of Project Lead the Way UHS offers a two year program for engineering. The first course is Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) and the second is Engineering Physics. The two instructors, Dan Obenchain and Tom Hoiland love teaching the students these skills at an early age. If students want to continue their engineering education they are able to move on to Spokane Valley Tech, a cooperative school in the Central Valley School District that teaches professional, technical skills to Juniors and Seniors.

The students at UHS have a lot of opportunities. They use SolidWorks as part of their engineering classes and their woods manufacturing class. The junior and senior IED students and can earn four engineering credits in ENGR 217at Eastern Washington Universitytowards their college degree. 9th and 10th grades can earn three credits in CAD 241 at Spokane Community College that go on a direct transcript which can be transferred to other institutions.

Students design and build in their engineering and manufacturing classes. They have access to SolidWorks for design as well as Mastercam for SolidWorks, a laser engraver, a CNC milling machine, two 3D printers, and an injection molder for manufacturing their designs. Right now one of the favorite projects consists of the teacher giving students an 8”x8”veneered MDF board that students use to build a game. They research various types of games and design the game in SolidWorks with the MDF board as the material. The project yields many creative results such as chess boards and ancient civilizations' games restored.

University High School and its teachers are truly leaders in the educational industry. UHS is always looking for internship opportunities for their students. Please contact Dan Obenchain at if you are in need of an intern or would like to support UHS's engineering program in any way.