Sandpoint High School

Near the beginning of our company, Quest started the Quest for Success Grant Program in order to get area high schools interested in SolidWorks. At the time, if a company buys a certain level of SolidWorks, they could nominate a local school and Quest would grant software to that school. John Meschko of Encoder Products Company nominated Sandpoint High School. For some students at Sandpoint High School, SolidWorks plays a large role in their education.

SandpointHighSchoolRacingTeamMalia Meschko is the drafting instructor at Sandpoint High School. She explained that for the past few years, Sandpoint High School on average takes 75% of the awards at the North Idaho College CAD Competition. This is due in large part to Sandpoint High School's professional training program. This program allows students to pursue studies in specific career paths like engineering, drafting, architecture, etc. The program lasts for four years, a year longer than most other similar programs in Idaho. Students become quite passionate about the subject they have chosen to study and they frequently move on to pursue careers related to these classes. It helps that the local business community is greatly invested in this program and members of it actively participate and present to the students. 

The program could use some support. Sandpoint has been unable to commute to some competitions because of budget cuts and limited resources. If you would like to help support Sandpoint's professional department and competitive drafting team, please contact Quest at or Malia at