Jetco Machine & Fabrication

Started in 1999, JETCO Machine and Fabrication, LLC has consistently provided quality service to its customers for fourteen years. Located in Clarkston, WA, they provide both machine shop and fabrication and welding services. Jetco prides itself on its ability to communicate with its customers, even taking communication on as part of its mission statement. SolidWorks is a big part of that communication process.

“We use SolidWorks as much as we can…When we bid on a project, we model it up in SolidWorks as a concept for the customer,” Tony Maiorana, the owner of Jetco, explained. Jetco is currently expanding and adding in an office space for full time designers. This new space will only add to the large amount of diversification that Jetco boasts. They work with a wide variety of customers, metals and plastics. Their projects are used throughout the Western United States and some in the Midwest.

Recent projects include Jetco Stomp Grates, a replacement system for stock intake grates that offers a cleaning option that sucks water out of the intake grate by stomping on a pedal on the deck of your boat. Tony’s favorite projects are definitely fishery related. “It is really neat to see the two industries come together,” he says as he explains how he and his team work with biologists to create a wide variety of containers to house fish. With projects like these, JETCO Machine and Fabrication, LLC truly represents some of the best in the Clarkston-Lewiston area.