FSI Fabrication

In 1964, Melvin Curfman purchased the company that was to become FSI Fabrication and the family business. Located in Sunnyside, WA, FSI has been producing unique, cattle-related agricultural equipment for nearly 40 years.

FSI, now has 3 subfamilies of products: spreaders, delivery, and compost. All the products are designed to haul and distribute large amounts of their particular load efficiently. The delivery products are used to transport finished, prepared food to different feeding stations or to the cattle themselves. A unique feature of FSI’s delivery system is the door on the front, driver side of the unit. The system allows the driver to feed into stalls. Spreaders are used to transport manure and spread it over fields. Composters are similar to spreaders but designed specifically for compost, essentially neutralized manure. With huge fans in the back, composters can spread their loads 80 feet wide! Each product is mountable on a wide variety of machines and trucks.

For the younger Curfmans, FSI provided an early exposure to mechanics that led to them having greater design intuition, according to Silas Curfman, FSI’s Production Manager. Silas was inspired to go to engineering school and when he went back to work with his family, he requested they use SolidWorks in their design process. When talking about the three subfamilies, Silas says, “The only way we could have done it was through the use of a product like SolidWorks.”

Silas also mentioned the Northwest as being a great place to work. He says he is inspired and challenged by all the other projects he sees going on in this area. FSI’s dedication to quality, family and the Northwest are amongst the many reasons they are among the Yakima area’s best.