FSI Fabrication: Selling with SOLIDWORKS Composer

One local, family-owned company has been changing the agriculture industry for more than 50 years. Located in Sunnyside, WA, FSI Fabrication is an Original Mobile Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), focused on the needs of cattle farmers. In 2017, they expanded by merging with Roto-Mix LLC, another family-run OEM of cattle equipment based in Dodge City, KS. Together, they produce mobile cattle feeding equipment for the Beef and Dairy industry around the world. 

“Everything from new, single-part items to large, finished assemblies. That’s all kind of in my realm here," Silas Curfman, FSI’s Mechanical Engineer explained. 

Curfman decided to join the family business after getting his Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Physical Science from the cooperative program of Seattle Pacific University and Seattle University.

One of the agreements of his return was implementing SOLIDWORKS CAD.

“It was really clear that it was going to be a huge time-saver,” Curfman said. “If we wanted to design quickly, the way to go was into solid modeling, and I was most impressed with SOLIDWORKS.”

A few years later, they added SOLIDWORKS Composer. They use Composer to make product images for advertising, trademarks and patents. Curfman also makes animations and videos to share with potential customers.

“It’s important to help the customers visualize what it is that we can do for them early on,” Curfman said. “Sometimes we’ll lay out a schematic of the customer’s location. Their buildings and their driveways, to get a visual representation of how the vehicle scales with the rest of their facility.”

Sometimes Curfman will deliver Composer animations to his colleague, who is on site with a customer.

“It’s not uncommon while they’re out working with a customer to call up and say, ‘Could you get me a fly-by view, of this size or that size, or an explode of this’,” Curfman explained. “I’ll crank those out really quickly and then they have access to that with the customer to show a real-time demonstration.”

Curfman says he can usually put something together within a few hours. Plus, the animations from Composer show FSI’s unique design.

“One thing that makes our feeders different from any of our competitors, is that they’re configured in a way that can run either towards the front or the back,” Curfman detailed. “I have animations that open up the rear-end of the truck and kind of fly into it. Nobody else has that ability.” See it here.

Composer has unleashed endless potential in conveying their designs in an interesting way.

“The more we work with [Composer], the more we learn about it and the uses keep growing,” Curfman said.

Curfman also appreciates the tech support he’s been given by Quest Integration over the years.

“The way Quest has stood out is the consistency in the speed at which I can get answers and help when I need it,” Curfman said. “I’ve just had a really great experience with Quest support whether it be for SOLIDWORKS or Composer.”

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Images provided by FSI Fabrication.