CubCrafters was founded in 1980 by Jim Richmond after he was inspired to rebuild and improve his favorite plane, The Piper Super Cub. He took a passion and turned it into one of the leading businesses in Yakima, WA.

A cub is a lightweight, recreational plane that has been in existence since the early to mid 20th century. CubCrafters has taken the original idea behind the cub plane and designed it into several different models, of which the Carbon Cub SS is the “main ticket” item according to Jason Navarrete, the Systems Administrator at CubCrafters. The 2013 Carbon Cub SS is able to boast more power, comfort, convenience AND a lighter weight.

CubCrafters is in the midst of an exciting year, according to Navarrete. He says they are experiencing record sales and expanding in all regions. They recently participated in a conference in Oshkosh, WI called “EAA AirVenture”. It is the largest aviation conference of its kind and CubCrafters will be showing off their knowledge and products with booths and demos.

Navarrete says that Yakima has provided an ideal location for their facility. With over 300 days of sunshine, Yakima is a pilot’s dream. It definitely does not hurt that their facility is located right next to McAllister Field Airport, making it simple for customers to buy planes right after their arrival.

When asked about the flying experience, Navarrete expressed his fascination with the fact that the cubs can take off at only 35 to 40 mph, “It is like cruising in your car at 35 mph; it is hard to believe.” You won’t see many CubCrafter products on the ground; they are in the air, soaring just like CubCrafters soars in the world of aviation, making it one of Yakima’s best.