Craftco Metals Services Inc.

In 1981, Craftco Metals Services Inc. opened its doors in Sheridan, WY. Still there today the company has around 25 employees and caters primarily to energy related industries (coal, oil and gas) while also serving the agricultural, construction and other industries. They do not manufacture any set line but they have about 225 after market replacement components for mining, a large portion of which they keep in inventory. Craftco works hard to simplify existing designs by improving the serviceability and reducing the cost of servicing components for their clients.

Craftco does some onsite work but also does a lot of traveling. Their sales team can travel up to 200 miles each day to check in with clients and pick up and deliver products. Craftco uses SolidWorks to model, animate and share their design with clients and then works with them to refine and improve the design.

Recently, Craftco designed a cutting head for a client's first contact with bentonite ore. Over a four month period, Craftco took the product from inception to completion. The goal was to replace an existing component that was not meeting timing and production standards. Following their typical design process, Craftco modeled an example, sent it to their customer for redlining, then redesigned and modified the design until the client was satisfied. Finally Craftco fabricated the 5000 lbs. cutter, capable of spinning at 800 RPM.

Billy Craft, founder and co-owner of Craftco, calls Sheridan the premier living community in the state of WY. He says, "It has is it all and less." The location is conveniently located next to the interstate and is in the shadow of the beautiful Big Horn Mountain Range. He says the economic base has diversified considerably since Craftco was founded and the schools are excellent. Billy has nothing but praise for his community, marveling at the supportive nature of it. He also greatly enjoys the Sheridan WYO Rodeo, theatrical productions, the downtown sculptures, and the deep western “cowboy” culture that is,  Sheridan, WY. The Craft family wouldn't have their business anywhere else, after all Sheridan is pretty, a wonderful place to live and raise a family. That is what rural America is all about.

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