The Anaconda Foundry Fabrication Company, Inc. (AFFCO) has a long and interesting history. Originally founded in the 1880's as The Tuttle Manufacturing Company, it became the Anaconda Copper Company when it was purchased by Copper King, Marcus Daly. At the time, the Butte-Anaconda area was the industrial center of Montana; fifty percent of the nation's copper was mined in Montana. Almost a hundred years after it first opened, the company closed its doors briefly before being reopened as AFFCO by three private investors. Then seven years ago, AFFCO became employee owned. You can read the whole history on their website

AFFCO now employs 80 people and has four facets to its business: a fabrication shop, machine shop, foundry and field service capabilities. The four components allow AFFCO to take its projects from concept to installation. One such project was for a Talc Condensification system. AFFCO created the workflow, modeled the design in SOLIDWORKS, got the equipment set up for a Computational Fluid Design analysis, then built the structure around that analysis; they also fabricated and installed the system which involved over 100 tons of steel. Other projects they have worked on include several different types of tanks such as chemical, water and biodiesel. 

They frequently reverse engineer parts in order to create new ones. They ship as far away as Mexico and Africa but service primarily the Western United States and Canada. Because of the four different aspects of their business, along with nearly 30 years of experience, AFFCO is quite diversified and capable when it comes to manufacturing your needs. They have a large capacity machine shop and talented engineers. You can find their contact information here.  

AFFCO is located in Anaconda at the head of the Anaconda Deer Lodge Valley. It is an outdoor enthusiastís dream with great fisheries, a ski hill 20 minutes away, bordering wilderness, and still has easy access to both I-90 and I-15. Something unique AFFCO does? They continue to build the lampposts that helped light up Anaconda in the 1880's, making it one of the first cities to be lit up west of the Mississippi. Now the lampposts are all electric and you can buy them on their website. It is just one of the ways AFFCO is helping stay true to its roots. AFFCO truly is an admirable example of Montanan history and dedication.