The Importance of Good Technical Communication: Inspection

A single uninspected part can cause a safety issue and halt production. SOLIDWORKS Inspection makes this daunting task automatic and easy. Inspection is a simple to use quality control solution. There are a few ways Inspection can help:

  1. Automatic Reports
  2. CAD Data Recognition
  3. Optical Character Recognition

Automatic Reports

Inspection measurements do not need to be time consuming and labor intensive. Inspection streamlines creation of your reports and documentation. These reports can be exported in an industry standard format, or your company’s personal template. You can also export to online systems to make them available for other parts of your organization and outside. This eliminates the manual creation of documents, speeding up your time to market.

CAD Data Recognition

SOLIDWORKS Inspection instantly extracts information from your Drawings. Instead of typing tolerances into your inspection report, the software can read them automatically. Your results will also update with any dimension changes. Your designs will be marked where they have been inspected. Plus, you can extract and balloon whole table information on your Drawings. Leverage your design in your quality control.

Optical Character Recognition

The standalone Inspection software can extract critical information from other CAD files. You can also inspect from PDF’s or even image files. If you are using digital calipers or other recording devices, Inspection imports that measurement data into reports. This reduces the risk of data translation errors and inconsistencies.

Take your inspection process to the next level. This is an easy tool that reduces time to create documents, eliminates errors and gives you a quick return on investment. Contact us to learn more about implementing this solution today: