The Importance of Good Technical Communication: Composer

Sharing your designs remotely is increasingly important. SOLIDWORKS Composer does this in an intricate, intriguing way. Composer turns your CAD models into insightful deliverables.

There are a few ways Composer can help:

  1. Technical Illustrations
  2. High Resolution Images
  3. Animations

Technical Illustrations

Composer creates great quality images that scale to what you need. You can show exploded views, part lists and more. Composer also creates interactive web material. This allows users to hover over a part to find it in the Bill of Materials. You want to come across as detailed and competent and technical illustration accomplishes that.

High Resolution Images

You’ve already created an impressive work of art with your design. Now, use your content for marketing. High resolution images can get your product in front of people much faster. You can change everything from quality, color and background. They’re also perfect to put inside of instruction manuals for detailed assemblies.


This is what will truly set you apart from the rest. Animations allow your customers to see what you can provide in 3D. You can even put your design in their facility virtually. This gives your clients a unique way to view designs custom to their needs. You’re able to deliver real-time demonstrations of your products. Showcase what makes you unique with a design tool that will make you stand out.

See it in action:

Read how FSI Fabrication uses SOLIDWORKS Composer in this Case Study.

Now is the time to implement SOLIDWORKS Composer. Quest can get you all set up remotely. Contact us for a quote today.