Saving Time: Design Automation

Design in business can be repetitive. When you are producing the same, but slightly altered product, you need design automation. DriveWorks can help you in the following ways: 

  1. Reduce Repetitive Tasks 
  1. Deliver Custom Products Faster 
  1. Connect Your Company’s Systems 

Reduce Repetitive Tasks 

Generate your custom designs automatically through form entry. DriveWorks captures and reuses design knowledge built into your SOLIDWORKS projects. This creates an automatic process that is completely controlled by you, freeing up your engineers to focus more on product development. There is no need for complex macros, design tables or configurations. The output is everything you need to manufacture and market your products. 

Deliver Custom Products Faster 

DriveWorks Pro allows web-based access, embedding forms into your website. This gives your customers the ability to configure your products in 3D. Your dynamic forms will walk them through the entry process, while displaying a live configuration. Since this runs through the DriveWorks platform, they’re accessible on any device.  

Connect Your Company’s Systems 

Extend automation capabilities to your sales and non-technical staff. DriveWorks Pro integrates into your CRM and ERP systems. Your order specifications can be sent directly to DriveWorks for an automatic configuration and quote. Let DriveWorks help you produce products faster with automatic manufacturing and sales outputs.

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