Boise Mobile Equipment: Serving the Fire Industry using SOLIDWORKS

Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) has been serving the fire industry since 1990. They celebrated 30 years of business in April 2020. BME has come a long way in those years, designing in a 2D system until 2006.

“At one point, [BME] was building maybe 12 trucks a year,” David Dransfield, BME’s CAD Draftsman said. “Now, we’re building 12 trucks a month, if not more.”

BME’s website states they offer unparalleled flexibility in creating the perfect, custom fire apparatus for each station’s needs.

“We design and build off the chassis,” Dransfield explained. “The electrical system, the plumbing systems and the structural systems of all the components.”

Dransfield said that BME improved their processes by implementing SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

“We’re able to create the 3D models and see interferences a lot more reliably than with 2D,” Dransfield detailed. “We’re always working to improve our general processes.”

BME also utilizes SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM).

“With our workflows, we’re able to keep track of things more,” Dransfield said. “We’ve got automated processes for creating DXF and PDF files for us through PDM. We’re always tweaking to make it better.”

Dransfield says their upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional helps them even more.

“The big thing there for us was being able to generate the serial numbers,” Dransfield explained. “We have better capability and control over our workflow and data cards. It gave us the ability to share information through PDM with other people in the company, granting access based on the work state and the way we wanted it.”

Dransfield said that Quest Integration was crucial in their implementation.

“[Quest Integration] came out for training to help us get up to speed,” Dransfield detailed. “We always come up with questions like ‘Hey, this is how this works, but how can we make it work this way?’ and they’re a great resource for support like that.”

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